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Hello everybody!
It is winter right now so I thought I would just think of the lovely summer remembering this cosplay of Chun Li I made a few months ago
This was an easy project I made in order to try my new camera Yatta! Which was an amazing birthday present (My birthday is in summer and it sucks because my friends are usually on holidays and I end up alone) Anyway, I made the costumes with scrap fabric that I had here and there. Chun Li has always been my favourite character in Street Fighter and this wont be the last you see of her! Meanwhile if you want a tutorial on how I made the buns you can find it in my Facebook!

Chun Li - Yay by Aliceincosplayland
Hey guys, I don't usually post journal entries but I thought I may as well do it. Just telling you I had so much fun with my Sailor Neptune cosplay. It wasn't on my plans to do this costume but the one I was doing was just too uncomfortable for a convention in summer, I had had this cool greenish fabric for a looong time and also happened to have the wig for a while too so I thought, hey! You have always loved Sailor Moon! Why not doing a cosplay now that they are releasing a new series! And two weeks later there it was! A Sailor Neptune by the sea! Just perfect. About the pictures, I had to ask my brother several times (just a month non-stop) to take the pictures. I really like his pictures but he is always kind of busy and I always end up editing the pictures myself but it is fun! Specially trying to add SFX. And I enjoy doing it. I'm not an expert but I'm always trying to improve.

Hope you liked it guys! And if you want to try to do a cosplay like this yourself you can go to my Blog and my Facebook pages to see a step by step tutorial ^^

Sailor Neptune Step by Step on Facebook

Sailor Neptune related tutorials on Blogger

Sailor Neptune - Deep submerge! by Aliceincosplayland